How To Invest In Mexico Real Estate

Reasons To Invest In Real Estate In Mexico

Let’s talk about how to invest in Mexico in Real Estate is a great option to take into account, especially the Riviera Maya and Yucatan, which have positioned themselves as two of the areas where foreign investment and especially real estate investment is booming. An excellent commercial relationship with a long list of countries and a privileged geographical location, makes the option of investing in Mexico increasingly greater, especially in real estate. Undoubtedly, Mexico has great wealth that makes tourism one of the main economic engines of the country, and all businesses that directly or indirectly are related to it. Mexico offers culture, traditions, gastronomy, impressive beaches, and treatment to the tourist, which you find in few places in the world.

There are many reasons why investing in real estate in Mexico will seem like an excellent option, but without a doubt, one of them will be the cost of the properties in comparison with other countries. There is no doubt that for investors coming from the United States or Canada, the exchange rate is an important element and allows them to buy properties at a much lower cost than in their respective countries, which makes it more interesting for many of them to buy in Mexico than in their home countries.

Another important factor is undoubtedly the low taxes paid in comparison with countries like Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom. And since it is not necessary to have a visa to buy property in Mexico, this offers the possibility of buying properties and businesses, diversifying the investment, and obtaining better benefits.

Mexico has earned its excellent position that makes millions of tourists every year, visit Mexico for vacation, and to admire its culture and traditions. The world is amazed at a tradition as Mexican as the Day of the Dead, monuments like Chichen Itza or the Mayan Ruins of Tulum, and the incredible colonial architecture of the Yucatan. It is for this reason that both the Mayan Riviera and increasingly the Yucatan are becoming the ideal place to invest and vacation, thanks to its beautiful beaches and the incredible variety they offer to visit sites of interest and the tranquility they provide.

The best places to invest in Mexico are characterized by being located in the southeast of the country, specifically in the Yucatan Peninsula, which currently enjoys income thanks to tourism and the security and tranquility it offers.

Just to recapitulate, we have discussed how to invest in Mexico in the meaning of importance, profits & stability, but now we want to talk about where to invest real estate in Mexico.



One of the places with the most foreign investment in Mexico today is undoubtedly Tulum. Thanks to its privileged location, the constant flow of tourists it attracts, the constant arrival of celebrities, and its continuous expansion without giving up its roots as a small coastal town and typical Mexican, it has become in recent years a place where thousands of visitors spend their holidays and many of them end up investing in this beautiful place by the Caribbean Sea.

Therefore, real estate developments in Tulum have become an excellent investment for both foreigners and Mexicans who are looking for alternatives for their real estate investments in the Riviera Maya. In addition to a relaxed lifestyle, the tranquility and security that is perceived in Tulum and the fact of being in a small place, but in constant modernization, but without losing its origins, Tulum offers you the possibility to enjoy nature living surrounded by jungle and discover new animal species that you will hardly see in other parts of the country.

But as an investor, you must keep in mind that one of the things that most attracts foreigners to the Riviera Maya is the connection between the pre-Hispanic past and the traditions that are present today. The Mayan culture is completely present in the day-to-day life of Tulum, in the food, in the clothing, in the talk of the locals from Yucatan and the Riviera Maya. This exquisite mixture has made this place a reference in world tourism and therefore, a perfect destination for investment.

Playa del Carmen

Located in Quintana Roo, it is also part of the so-called Riviera Maya, but what makes this city special is that it has become one of the most exclusive and cosmopolitan cities in the Yucatan Peninsula. The 13.5 a million tourists who visit it on average every year, can enjoy the famous 5th Avenue and swim in its paradisiacal beaches and go out to its nightlife centers.

Having an apartment in Playa del Carmen guarantees you the opportunity to rent it when the hotels are busy or for groups of families and friends, who are looking for a certain freedom of movement, outside a hotel complex that, on many occasions, is far from the urban center.

Playa del Carmen is characterized by a lifestyle and a cosmopolitan population since it is a city that always has something new to offer its visitors, who come from all over the world.

The wide range of entertainment is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why Playa del Carmen has become one of the favorite cities of young Mexicans and foreigners who want to rest quietly and at the same time be in a place with large shopping centers, bars, shops, and clubs.

Now that you know why you should invest in Mexico and which are the best places to invest in Mexico, it is time to invest.


Like Tulum, what makes Merida in the unique state of Yucatan is its privileged location. Despite being a city, it is 20 minutes from the beach, and thanks to its road infrastructure, it is increasingly easy to reach ports like Sisal, so you can invest both in the city and in the points closest to it.

Currently, Merida is in an explosion of urban growth and investment, both domestic and foreign. And not only is investment being made in residential development, far from it. Shopping malls, museums, franchises, industries, universities, and schools are gradually becoming one of the most important cities in Mexico.

One of Merida’s great strengths is the enormous security that has allowed it to become, year after year, the safest city in Mexico, thanks to the efforts of the state and municipal governments. For this reason, more and more people from Mexico are moving to Mérida to study in the most prestigious universities in Mexico such as the Autonomous University of Mérida, Anahuac, or Marista University. One of the advantages of investing in Merida is that your investment is secure, since, in addition to residential developments, there is a great demand for offices, shopping centers, and industrial lots, due to the proximity to important commercial ports such as Puerto Progreso.

Merida is one of the favorite cities for foreigners to retire in, as it is a city that allows its residents to enjoy the best of city life without the stress of big cities.

Yucatan Coast

From Celestun to Progreso to Isla Holbox, Yucatan’s Gulf Coast, also known as The Emerald Coast or The Flamingo Coast, enjoys miles of undeveloped and virgin beachfront. This coast offers more variety and opportunities to budgets large and small, than the more expensive Caribbean coastline on the east side of the peninsula.

This entire coast is populated with wild Pink Flamingos that live, year-round in the lagoons and marshes that frame the beach coasts of the Yucatan Peninsula. You will find numerous small, traditional fishing villages. In comparison to the Caribbean coast, the Gulf coast of Yucatan has a more “original” feel. The Gulf coast is not geared towards tourism and does not have a touristy or glitzy attitude as is commonly found on the Caribbean coast. The towns along the Gulf coast have been here for years. They have their own unique personality, vibe, and soul.

There is something here for everyone!

Generally speaking, the stretch of beach beginning from the east side of Progreso to Telchac Puerto is the pricier beach, populated with many luxurious beach homes. Beach prices are generally higher on this stretch, compared to the beaches on the west side of Progreso.

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