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Real Estate Development Process


The Perfect Place

First, come up with a list of things that would make up the perfect location for you and your family. The perfect location may be in a neighborhood you have had your eye on for years now. You want to make sure while choosing a location, that it meets the needs of your family. Is it a convenient distance to work? Is it in a town you could see your kids growing up in? What is the location’s distance from your family and friends? Is it close to your kid’s school? Do you want to be able to walk into town? All of these details matter in the long run. We believe getting the location you want is going to save you so much time and stress.

Real Estate Development Process


The Design Process

During the architectural project phase, the design is refined in the final section. In the previous phases, the focus has been on the project as a whole, dimensions, distribution of interior and exterior spaces and amenities. During the development of the design, it becomes important to pay individual attention to every aspect, every space and every detail of the project. This is where decisions will be made such as choosing between granite or quartz countertops or starting to make even smaller decisions such as choosing white granite instead of black, what type of cabinets will be used or even which faucets or flooring will be used. At this stage of the design process, the focus changes and the information and communication between the architectural and interior design team and the owner must be constant and fluid, as important and necessary information for the construction must come from here.

Real Estate Development Process


The Construction Process

Once the design and materials have been decided, it is time to start building. We have very strict processes in terms of time and execution processes, so we can guarantee that the times signed in the contract are met. All work is supervised daily by our managers to ensure that there are no errors in the construction and that problems can be solved as quickly as possible. Every step is followed in the construction process just as our engineers and architects have planned, ensuring quality and the right time.

Real Estate Development Process


The House Of Your Dreams Is Ready

The last step is the total revision of the construction, looking for small quality details, reviewing the correct operation of all the electricity and water systems, data and TV installations, and irrigation equipment, pool systems, and the perfect operation of all the components of the property. At this point, the work is ready to be delivered to our clients, hoping that it will be to their total satisfaction and that they will be very happy in their new property. All works have a guarantee against damages and hidden defects, so we make you responsible for any defect or failure in the property.