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Real Estate Services For Sellers

Services For Sellers

Embassy Realty agents offer each client a program specifically tailored to their needs. This is just one of the services we offer as an independent, private company. With a very high level of confidentiality and personalized attention, all our clients find in Embassy Realty the best of a company that is small and agile enough to meet the needs of a seller but with the infrastructure and resources of a large company.

Embassy Realty agents can locate urgent properties for immediate occupancy at the lowest possible price. We are real estate agents with strong negotiating skills who know how to interpret complicated financial statements, evaluate potential buyers, and assess and anticipate other factors that can make or break a deal. Our real estate agents excel at recommending the proper exposure of a property to ensure that it is “shown” at its best. Sellers’ properties are also specially displayed in our marketing materials, with a professional photo session that places each Embassy Realty listing in an exclusive class.

When it is clear that it is time to sell your property, we encourage you to visit other agencies and see for yourself how Embassy Realty stands out from the competition.

Real Estate Services for Buyers

Services for Buyers

Buying a home is an investment in the future. Market knowledge and in-depth professional experience are vital when making such an important decision. Continuous, personalized service and follow-up are equally crucial. This translates into efficient use of your time and effective management of your assets.

Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Merida, Yucatan, and Riviera Maya offer a wealth of options for residential buyers. From modern apartments on Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen to corporate offices in the best locations in Merida, luxury beachfront villas in Tulum, and beautiful homes in Akumal, the options seem almost limitless.

That is why you should work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent who can offer a wealth of information along with strong negotiation and problem-solving skills. In a city with over 300 residential real estate companies, choosing the right broker makes all the difference.

Real Estate Services for Developers

Services for Developers

Embassy Realty Marketing is a separate entity that specializes in sales and pre-development marketing. We work with the leading real estate developers in each area, advising on the design and sale of a wide range of residential development projects, from comprehensive renovations of old buildings to the newest real estate projects.

Our participation in each project is integral. From the executive project and the procedures and licenses to the construction, marketing plans, and sales management, Embassy Realty Marketing participates in each process. Our team is fully dedicated from the beginning of the project to the last sale, therefore we can offer specialized and expert guidance.

The constant success in representing real estate developments has not gone unnoticed, as our clients’ real estate development projects are frequently promoted in the most influential print and digital media in the real estate world and in major real estate publications. In addition, Embassy Realty Marketing uses its global marketing network to ensure maximum buyer visibility, including exposure on international real estate sites.